1. To inculcate in it members complete faith in Jesus Christ as the only Saviour mankind.
  2. To propagate Christian doctrine, inculcation of Seraph way(s) of life practices.
  3. To promote moral and spiritual growth of its members.
  4. To establish youth fellowship groups.
  5. To promote, coordinate and strengthen the activities of the Church youths and the conference in such a way as to make a meaningful impact even in development of the Nation.
  6. To organize annual youth Congress Convention and Youth Camp.
  7. To liaise with other Christian Organisations Worldwide, and to propagate Christ through the Church.
  8. To develop the following areas within the Fellowship i.e Youth Fellowship Children Evangelism (Children/Sunday School) Boys Brigade, Girls Brigade Road Safety, Red Cross and any other Youth Organisation approved by Church.
  9. To be a dynamic spiritual organisation empowered by the Holy Spirit to ship Christ with as many people as possible throughout the world, through organised worship, Bible lectures, Symposia, Revival Services, Publishing Books and Journals.
  10. To make the Youths participate fully in all Church Programmes.
  11. To be a fellowship assisting in the image laundering of the Cherubim & Seraphim Church Unification.
  12. To implement the decisions and policies of the Church as advised by the Baba Aladura in Council.
  13. To support in loyalty the constituted authority of the Church in its mission the world.