Early in the life of Cherubim & Seraphim Church Movement Development Committee, a suggestion had been made in 1978/1979 for the formation of the Youths into a virile group, so that the Elders might be able to instruct the Youths in the Heritage and practice of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church. However, the series of fund launchings between 1979 and 1984 prevented serious attention being paid to this desirable project.

The then National Secretary of the National Council Senior Apostle D.A Dada (Alagbado, Lagos District) advised the Movement to endeavor to encourage our Youths to affiliates with the National Youth Council. The Development Committee then requested Senior Apostle Pastor G.O Baptist to make the necessary contact and advise the Committee.

Based on the report submitted to the Spiritual Father-in-Council at the conference held in Lokoja in 1985, it was unanimously agreed that there be inaugurated the “Cherubim and Seraphim Youth Fellowship”. The National Launching was fixed for Sunday, 6th April, 1986 in Kaduna, and all Branches of the Church. The Constitution of the Cherubim & Seraphim Youth Fellowship was approved and circulated. Furthermore, Five Elders were selected to Co-ordinates all Youth programs (C& S Youth Camp, Sunday school and Youth Fellowship).

The Elders are: –

(a)       Senior Apostle Prophet E.A Fabiyi Chairman

(b)       Senior Apostle Prophet M.A Owolabi

(c)       Senior Apostle A.O Sebiotimo

(d)       Senior Apostle ‘Segun Rufai

(e)       Senior Apostle Pastor G.O Baptist – Secretary.

The Spiritual Father His Grace J.T Agboola then directed that all Districts should take necessary steps to establish the Youth Fellowship in the States under their jurisdiction.

Until the year 2001, all the Youth Fellowships in all the Districts were all independent. The agitation to have a united body and for the voice of the Youths to be heard, some Youths and those privileged to be Coordinators that have a Vision to see the Youth moving forward developing in all facets of life among are Pastor T. Ogunbiyi, Pastor M.A Popoola & Evangelist (Engr.) J.B Uhuegho took the matter up with the then members of the National Youth Camp Executive Special Apostle Prophet (Dr) E .A Fabiyi, the Camp Commandant; Special Apostle D.O Akintola, Deputy Camp Commandant. It was in one of the planning committee meeting it was agreed that a congress will hold in 2001 during the Camp and the National Youth Fellowship Executives will be elected.


The day for the congress was chosen for Friday during the camping exercise. It was agreed upon that each zone be represented with ten (10) delegated each.

At the first congress, the Spiritual Father His Grace C.A Shofarasin was represented by the Secretary Youth Education & Women Affairs Rev Prophet Victor Uwagbae. The First set of the Youth Fellowship Executives came up after the Election. Evangelist (Dr) Adekunle Okunade was the President elect from Zaria Zone. He runs the affairs of the Fellowship for three (3) years with his members of the Executives. This Administration laid foundation for the Youth Fellowship Names and zones of the first set of Executives.

Designation Names& Zone:

President – Bro (Dr) Okunade Gabriel Adekunle          Zaria

Vice President I -Bro Ibrahim Ola Jide Ibadan

Vice President II – Sis. Peters Rebecca Jos

Secretary Bro Benjamin Olumodeji   Kaduna

Financial Sec Bro Adu Femi Martins              Benin

Treasurer Bro Fakorede Bamidele Ebenezer        Lagos

P.R.O Bro Ogundele Gbenga Alex Ilorin


The second Congress and Election of the National Youth Fellowship took place after the First Executive led by Evangelist (Dr) Kunle Okunade from Zaria zone finished their tenure. The congress was held at International Headquarters of The Holy Order of Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church, Kaduna.

This was due to the Spiritual Father’s directive His Grace C. A. Shofarasin that the election and congress should take place at the International Headquarters of the Church. The Secretary Youth Education & Women Affair, Rev. Prophet Victor Uwagbae was there as representative of the Spiritual Father. Pastor Kayode Aliyu from Kaduna zone emerges as the Second President. All zones across the Country were in attendance for the election. Most Senior Apostle Pastor M.A. Popoola, Most Senior Apostle Pastor T. Ogunbiyi and Most Senior Apostle (Engr) J.B Uhuegho were at the Election to assist Rev Prophet Victor Uwagbea.

The tenure of Pastor Kayode Aliyu government lasted for another three (3) Years ending at the year 2007 February.

    Names of the Second set of Executives.

Designation Names Zones.

President:  Bro (Pastor) Samson O Aliyu Kaduna

Vice President I:            Bro Alex G Ogundele         Ilorin

Vice President II:  Sis. Funmilayo Olanrewaju Lagos

General  Secretary : Bro Musa S.Abraham Zaria

AGS:  Bro Kayode Ayeni                Jos

Financial Sec:  Bro O.O Owolabi         Ibadan

Treasurer  : Bro Stephen Olumorin       Benin

P.R.O Sis. Tayo Alaran       Lagos

Ex-Officio I          Bro (Dr)Okunade Gabriel A. Zaria

Ex-Officio II       Sis. Rebecca Peters Jos.


As at this period the Youth Fellowship Congress had received boost from the office of the new Spiritual Father, The Most Rev (Dr) S. A. Abidoye who came up with the Hephzibah project (7 Points Agenda ) and the Youth taking a centre stage.His Grace, The Most Rev (Dr) S. A. Abidoye inaugurated the Conference Youth Board, held by Most Senior Apostle (Engr) J.B Uhuegho as the Chairman and Pastor Kayode Aliyu as the Secretary in order to monitor and put in shape the activities of the youth of the Church at large.

The Election was held on the 3rd February 2007 at the English Chapel, of the Holy Order of Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church Ilorin District Headquarters. with all zonal representatives of each Youth Fellowship. In attendance were the Youth Council Board Chairman Most Senior Apostle (Engr) J.B Uhuegho, Most Senior Apostle Pastor M.O Popoola, Most Senior Apostle Pastor S. Ajewole and Most Senior Apostle Pastor T.Ogunbiyi. Evangelist Alex Gbenga Ogundele emerges as the New President representing Ilorin Zone. It was during this period that God in His infinite mercy granted the Youth Fellowship the opportunity to register the Youth Fellowship at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with Reg No.CAC/IT/NO 26534 and the National Youth Council in Abuja.

This Administration started the Youth Fellowship Convention immediately His Grace The Most Rev Prophet (Dr) S.A Abidoye declared that all organs in the Church should have their convention during the 2007 International Conference of the Church in Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church Sub-Headquarters Abuja.

Names of the Third Sets of Executives.

Designation           Names         Zones

President- Bro Ogundele A.G Ilorin

Vice President I – Sis. Kemi Adeyemo          Zaria

Vice President II-  Bro Ademiju Adelani   Kaduna

Secretary   -Bro Bamidele Fakorede  Lagos

AGS – Bro Gabriel Omodiale        Benin

Financial Sec       – Bro Ade Adesanya  Jos

Treasurer  – Bro E.O. Omototemi         Ibadan

P.R.O Sis. Funmilayo Olatunji Zaria

Ex-Officio I Bro M.S Abraham              Zaria

Ex-Officio II Sis. Funmilayo Olarewaju Lagos.



The Fourth Congress and Election was held on the 19th February 2010 at the English Chapel, of the Holy Order of Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church Ilorin District Headquarters, with representatives of each zonal Youth Fellowship present.

Brother Emmanuel Olalekan Omototemi from Ibadan Zone was elected as the President. The Inauguration took place at the International Headquarters of the Holy Order of the Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church Kaduna at the Annual Mount Horeb Retreat at the meeting of the Spiritual Father in Council under the Chairmanship of His Grace, the Most Rev Prophet (Dr) S.A Abidoye. The Chairman Youth Council Board Most Senior Apostle (Engr) J.B Uhuegho made the presentation of the New Executives to the Spiritual Father in Council.

The Election was supervised by the Chairman Youth Council Most Senior Apostle (Engr) J.B Uhuegho, Most Senior Apostle Pastor M.O Ademola, Most Senior Apostle Pastor T.Ogunbiyi and Most Senior Apostle Pastor S. Ajewole. This Administration was able to solidify the relationship of all the members of the Youth Fellowship across Nigeria, USA & Europe already in place. Their advocacy for unity and doing things in common was greatly achieved making everybody to come together from the grassroots to the International level see to the Youth Fellowship development and it has greatly help in the sustain ace of the Youth Fellowship Convention at in the 2012 the Youth Fellowship USA zone representative was in attendance. Through this advocacy many other developmental things were achieved. His Grace, the Most Rev Prophet (Dr.) S.A Abidoye approved the President, Secretary and Vice President II to be part of the Youth Camp Planning Committee. This is a development highly welcome by all members of this Present Executives.


Names of the Fourth Executives.

Designation Names   Zones:

President   – Bro E.O Omototemi           Ibadan

Vice President I – Bro E.O Ojimi           Kaduna

Vice President II-  Sis. Juliet Amu Kayode            Benin

Secretary   – Bro (Barr) Ashaolu Joshua

AGS-              Bro Yabanet Benjamin       Zaria

Treasurer-                Bro Ayeni Joseph Kayode            Jos

Financial Secretary Bro Odediran Olushina Isaac        Ilorin

P.R.O- Bro Oyedeji Babatunde Moses Lagos

Ex-Officio I          Bro Ogundele Alex Gbenga Ilorin

Ex-Officio II       Bro Fakorede Bamidele Lagos.



Rev’d Prophet Victor Uwagbae was the First person to occupy this office till he was moved to oversee the Saint Moses Orimolade University project in Omu-Aran. Most Senior Apostle Aderemi Irekiigbe was appointed and announced as the new Officer in Charge during the 2010 International Conference of the Church held at Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church, Kano District Headquarter.


The Fifth Congress and Election

This was held on 24th May, 2013 at the Youth Chapel of Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church Surulere District Headquarters during the International Youth Fellowship Convention, hosted by Surulere District, Lagos Zone. It was conducted by a 7-man electoral committee chaired by Brother Osunkoya Tunde Samuel from Ibadan Zone, with a member from each of the Nine Zones including USA and UK in attendance. It was a memorable night which saw Brother Akeni J. Owairu in as the new President of the fellowship, which was keenly contested under supervision of the Secretary Youth, Education and Women affairs, Pastor Aderemi Irekiigbe as the representative of His Grace and as well the Youth Board, also a member from USA emerged as the P.R.O II.

The modus operandi of the inauguration changed from usual, which gave room for a well-coordinated inauguration which was held during the annual National Youth camp on 12th August, 2013 under the Chairmanship of His Grace, Most Rev’d Pro. S.A Abidoye and was witnessed by members of Baba Aladura’s cabinet and 100s of Youth Fellowship members across the nation.


Names of the Fifth Executives.

Designation Names Zones:

President   – Bro Akeni J. Owairu – Benin

Vice President I -Bro Zacchaeus Emmanuel – Jos

Vice President II- Sis. Ibukun Ojoawo – Ilorin

Secretary   -Bro Olwagbenga Ekundare – Ibadan

AGS-              Bro ‘Wale Douglas Adekanye – Lagos

Treasurer-                Bro Ayodeji E. Adegbegi – Kaduna

Financial Secretary -Bro Kehinde Obasanjo – Zaria

P.R.O I- Sis. Funmi Idowu – Benin

P.R.O II -Bro Folarin Ayedun – USA

Ex-Officio I -Bro Emmanuel Omototemi – Ibadan

Ex-Officio II -Bro Emmanuel Ojimi – Kaduna.


The Sixth Congress and Election

Held on 28th May, 2016 at the Galilee land of Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church Worldwide during the International Youth Fellowship Convention. this particular event set a record being the first to be held outside any church premises, a memorable year indeed.

A 7-man electoral committee chaired by Brother Oladunjoye Joshua, a member from Ibadan Zone, with a member from each of the seven zones in attendance.

Brother Ojewumi Olatunde, a member from Lagos Zone emerged the winner during the election and became the 6th President of the Fellowship. This election was supervised by the new Secretary Youth, Education and Women affairs, Pastor Emmanuel Ayanlola who took over the reign of office from Pastor Irekiigbe.

The inauguration came up during the Youth camp at C & S College, Sabo-Oke, Ilorin on 15th August, 2016. Baba Aladura was in attendance as usual and gave his blessings to the new elected officers.


Names of the Sixth Executives.

Designation Name – Zone:

President   -Bro Olatunde Ojewumi – Lagos

Vice President I- Bro Bidemi Oladapo – Zaria

Vice President II -Sis. Bimbo Olaniyan – Kaduna (National Headquarters)

Secretary   -Bro David Oyegbemi – Jos

AGS-              Bro Michael Oloko – Ibadan

Treasurer-                Bro Sola Owoyemi – Ilorin

Financial Secretary -Bro Aminu Ayuka – Kaduna

P.R.O I- Bro Peter Aduroja – Ibadan

P.R.O II -Bro Folarin Aiyedun – USA

Ex-Officio I- Bro Akeni J. Owairu – Benin

Ex-Officio II- Sis. Ibukun Ojoawo – Ilorin.


Barely a year after, a representative from Kaduna Zone, in person of Brother Aminu Ayuka who happened to be the Financila Secretary was removed due to unavailability, and was replaced by Brother Goddey Agbele from same Kaduna Zone.


The Seventh Congress and Election:

Held on 31st May, 2019 at the Galilee land of Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church Worldwide during the International Youth Fellowship Convention, as usual. This particular saw the end of old zoning system arrangement. It was also brooding to accommodate more officers to occupy few new portfolios for effective administration. Some of the newly created portfolios are: – V.P Admin, V.P Evangelical, V.P Diaspora and P.R.O Diaspora respectively.  A keenly contested election between two representatives from same old Jos zone, being the only remaining zone to be President of the fellowship. Brother Williams Oresanya finally emerged a winner of an interesting event.

This time, an electoral committee of 10-man was commissioned to represent a zoning structure, which all organs of the church has adhered. This committee was chaired by Prophet Kemi Shobande from Lagos/Ogun Zones.

Brother Williams Oresanya, a member from Jos Zone therefore became the 7th President of the Fellowship. This election was supervised by the Secretary Youth, CEM and Protocols, Pastor Moses Oluyomi and the Youth Board Chairman, Sp. Ap. Engr. Bankole Uhuegho, both took out time to see the event to an end.

The inauguration ceremomy was held at Galilee land, Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, Worldwide during the National Youth Camp on 12th August, 2019. Baba Aladura, Most Rev’d (Dr.) Pro. S.A Abidoye oversee the ceremony and gave his blessings to the new executives.


Names of the Seventh Executives.

Designation Name – Zone:

President   Bro(Arc) ‘Seun Williams Oresanya – Jos

Vice President Admin -Bro Akinbo Cornerstone – Lagos

Vice President Evangelical- Bro Dauda Luwashi – Kaduna

Vice President Diaspora- Bro. Folarin Aiyedun – US Zone

Vice President Female   – Nil

Secretary   -Bro Tunde Osunkoya – Ibadan

AGS – Bro Elijah Adeshina – National Headquarters

Treasurer-                Bro Oluwaseun Olanrewaju – Ilorin

Financial Secretary – Nil

P.R.O – Nil

P.R.O Diaspora – Bro  Emmanuel Shomuyiwa -Europe

Ex-Officio I Bro Olatunde Ojewumi – Lagos

Ex-Officio II – Nil.